Rules and Regulations – Ballroom Dance

Rules and Regulations
Ballroom Dance

Rules and Regulations
Ballroom Dance

17th February, Saturday
9am – 10pm
18th February, Sunday
9am – 10pm
Queen Elizabeth Stadium


All competition time subjects to admission form

Competition Category

Ballroom Dance (Solo、Duo)

Competition Awards (Ballroom Dance)

A.  Grading Match:
According to the number of applicants in this group, contestants will be divided into several groups, and each group selects:
First Prize (15%)、
Second Prize (35%)、
Third Prize (50%)
The winners will receive a medal and certificate.

B. Ranking Match:
Dance to the end
Depends on the number of contestants, they will be divided into groups, each group has a maximum of 24 contestants, and the top 6 contestants in each group are selected.
The winners will receive a trophy and certificate.

C. Elite Match:
The top 8 in each category will be selected in a three-round competition, regardless of the number of contestants.
The winners will receive a trophy and certificate.

D. Grand Slam Match (No age limit):
The top 8 in each category will be selected in a three-round competition, regardless of the number of contestants. The winners will receive a trophy and certificate.

If the competition category has less than 6 participants, the organizer will make appropriate arrangements.
If there are not enough participants for 6 teams in the elite competition, the awards will be cancelled.

Dress for Juveniles (Ballroom Dance)
(Applicable to under 12 matches)

There will be judges to help checking the contestants clothing during the waiting time. If violated clothing is seen on the field, no ranking will be given. 

(1) Girls

of a personal/religious nature may only be worn. Earrings are to be kept simple and small armbands, headbands, neckbands and gloves in material are not permitted.

Hair Decoration
Only small flower or bow (Maximum 8cms in width and without rhinestones, glitter or any other decoration and not made from shiny material) is only permitted in the hair. No other decoration is permitted in the hair including glitter spray and rhinestones.

Materials from the roll with no additional decorations such as lace motifs, rhinestones, sequins or ruching and Skirt To be of the same self colour (dye match). No cut outs with one hem length all the way round. Godets are not permitted.

to be of one material only and to be fully lined up to and including the shoulder seams. See through materials must be fully lined. Bodice length to be waistline or hipline.

Block heel only with a maximum height of 3.5 cm. White ankle socks must be worn.

to be of one material. Panelling must be the full length of the dress. Up to two under skirts are permitted and must be non-see through material.

(2) Boys

Hairstyle and make-up to be appropriate for the child’s age.

White long sleeved (not rolled up and with no additional detail) and must be tucked into trousers. No wing collars or shiny material. Cufflinks permitted.

Block black material only (velvet/velour not permitted) Normal or high waisted with optional underfoot strap. Black Satin ONLY permitted in stripes and waistbands. Black Satin not permitted in yoke or pocket.

Black bow tie or regular black tie (no Initials permitted).

Plain black belt either of leather or similar material with small buckle.

Black Shoes to be made either of leather, Nubuck or Patent materials.

Music Requirement (Ballroom Dance)

The competition repertoire for the “Solo” and “Double” categories is based on the registered items, and contestants do not need to bring their own music.

  • If the contestant is absent from the competition for any reason, the paid registration fee will not be refunded.

  • The competition is a form of voluntary participation, and it is a platform for dance organizations and contestants to communicate and learn from each other. It is necessary to establish correct competition values and a healthy competition mentality. The competition committee will be fair, just and open to each player. The organizing committee will respect the final decision of the adjudicators and announce the competition results immediately.

Legal, regulatory, insurance, medical emergencies, and more

  • Contestants must consciously abide by national laws and regulations, and consciously abide by the management regulations of the organizing committee and venues; all participants are requested to handle medical, accident and travel insurance during the competition by themselves.

  • The competiti committee refuses contestants with health problems to participate, otherwise the discomfort caused by the contestants shall be borne by the contestants themselves. The organizing committee shall not be liable for any liability or claim arising from injuries, damages or losses on the part of players.

  • All final decision and interpretation rights belong to the organizer and shall not be disputed.